We Don’t Mess Around

We are putting the “personal” back in Personal Training. Our training team is handpicked and that’s because we don’t believe in hiring just anyone with a certification. Our trainers are passionate people who truly want their clients to succeed. With over 108 years of combined training experience, we can help you achieve any goal you have in mind. We offer small group, team training, and one-on-one sessions.

10 Things Impact Trainers Want You to Know

Team Training at Burlington Location Only

Session Descriptions

Small Group Training: We believe STRENGTH training should be the root of EVERY program. You don’t have to lift 3X your body weight, but you do have to lift. Nothing will get you STRONGER (and leaner) FASTER than lifting heavy things. You can expect a strong sense of COMMUNITY and a high level of ACCOUNTABILITY in this close-knit training session that is designed to build a STRONGER you. Sessions are limited up to 4 individuals and must be scheduled with a trainer.

Team Training: There is no cardio without INTENSITY. High-intensity CONDITIONING is a great compliment to strength training. This type of cardio helps BURN more calories throughout your day. (Thank you science!) We’ll supply the kettlebells, TRX bands, and a motivating leader;  you just need to provide your bodyweight and a WINNING attitude. Get ready to CHALLENGE your comfort zone with your supportive peers by your side. Sessions are limited up to 12 individuals. 

One-on-One: If small group and team training isn’t your thing, that is okay! After a meeting with a fitness manager, we’ll pair you with an Impact Training Team Member that will match best based on your goal and their speciality. You will be GUARANTEED an extremely personalized plan and the HIGHEST LEVEL of accountability we have to offer.

Tandem Training: We have found sometimes it is easier to achieve goals when you have a FRIEND sweating right beside you. It’s also easier on the wallet. By scheduling tandem training sessions you have the support of your best friend AND you save $30 per session.

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